Delfrez, India’s leading omni-channel poultry brand from the house of Suguna Foods adopts the voluntary ‘Soy Fed Product’ label across all their range of Ready-to-cook and Ready-to-eat meat products.

The ‘Soy Fed’ Product label aims to enable consumers to make informed food decisions and distinguish packaged poultry, meat, and fish that are fed with soy meals, as soy’s superior amino acid profile and amino acid digestibility have a significant impact on the growth and development of the meat, which ultimately benefits the end consumer. With this association, Suguna Foods also extends its support to ‘Right To Protein’, a public health initiative that launched this unique feed label for animal protein foods in September 2021.

On this association, Vignesh Soundararajan, Managing Director at Suguna Foods, said, “As a protein leader of the country providing protein-rich foods has always been our prime objective. We are India’s leading poultry group with diversified operations that extend to hatcheries, feed mills, processing plants, animal healthcare products, and nutrition supplements. We are excited to extend our support to the ‘Right to Protein’ initiative and to also adopt the ‘Soy Fed Product’ label that will help highlight the role of high-quality protein feed, such as soy, to improve the protein content of animal-based foods. We believe this initiative will help consumers choose quality animal protein sources and understand the nutritional benefits of the feed to the food. Consumers are increasingly relying on trusted brands like ours for quality and transparency, which motivates us to further reassure them of our commitment to their growing needs.”

Deeba Giannoulis, Head of U.S. Soy Marketing – South Asia & Sub-Sahara Africa (SAASSA) and supporter of the Right To Protein initiative added, “The label drives awareness about how we are what our food is fed. Sustainable and high-quality soybean meal is a vital factor in the growth and development of animal stock and directly impacts the quality of protein consumed by humans. It is encouraging to see leading Indian poultry and livestock product producers to adopt the Soy Fed Product label, especially a market leader like Suguna Foods wheeling in for the cause on this occasion of Global Soy Month in April 2023.”

“It is a delight to witness the ‘Soy Fed Product’ label onboard another key supporter with Suguna Foods joining the forces with the voluntary feed label. Protein is indisputably a key requirement for livestock and aquaculture which plays a significant role in their overall growth. And soy feed plays a crucial to define the quality of protein for human consumption. The voluntary adoption of this label therefore is a huge step towards to uphold the quality of protein feed and its importance for end consumers.” added Jaison John, Lead – India, US Soybean Export Council (USSEC) and a Right To Protein supporter.

As we celebrate ‘Soy Month 2023’, Right to Protein urges the industry to come together and celebrate the super feed and super food in innovative ways that will empower citizens to make informed choices and consume adequate protein in every meal.