Danone has announced the launch of a new Oikos Pro line that includes single-serve dairy cups and drinks with up to 25g of protein.

Oikos Pro will hit US shelves in January, with the aim of providing the protein, minerals and essential amino acids needed to build and maintain strong muscles and bones.

The singe-serve cups contain 20g of protein, 0g of sugar and healthy fats. They will come in vanilla, strawberry, mixed berry and peach flavours.

Meanwhile, the drinks feature 25g of protein, 0g of added sugar and 9 essential amino acids. Oikos Pro drinks will be available in strawberry banana, mixed berry, caramel macchiato and coffee variants, with the latter two containing 100mg of caffeine per 8fl oz.

The products claim to be a good source of calcium and contain no artificial flavours or colours.

The Oiko Pro line will be available to purchase nationwide from January 2021 for an RRP of $1.59 per cup and $2.49 per drink.

Last year, the brand launched Pro Fuel protein-packed caffeinated dairy beverages in four flavours and announced the release of Oikos Nut Butter Blends.