Amidst this lockdown, even though life has come to a standstill, hope for a return to normalcy and happier times has not. The #PehliDaawat Campaign by Daawat Basmati rice celebrates this hope and optimism and the special moments when we all come out safe and healthy from this pandemic.
The company recognises that during this lockdown we have missed the presence of a lot of people who are important to us in our lives who went unnoticed and taken for granted. These difficult times have also created some new bonds and relationships. A series of 4 TVCs, the campaign is an initiative by the brand to acknowledge the presence of all such people in our lives and thanking them for their support and presence. The people who helped dispel the darkness.
The campaign connects with the heart as it acknowledges and appreciates the support we all have received. And acknowledges our deep desire to invite such people who have been so meaningful to us for that special moment when we first welcome someone into our home post the lockdown. The campaign ends by asking everyone that as and when they can, who will be this special person whom we will invite for this special “Pehli Daawat”. Conceptualised on the grounds of the hope, which is still alive, that things will be normal soon, people will meet, doorbells will ring, doors will open, and life will be beautiful again. When life gets to that, we will invite the ones most special.
Speaking about the initiative, Ashwani Arora, CEO and MD, LT Foods, said, “Through this campaign we wanted to build a personal connection with our audiences and recognise the heroes in their lives. We all have formed bonds that will outlast the current crisis. We Indians love feasting and show our love by indulging our guests in delicacies. A series of 4 TVCs, the campaign brings about stories of individuals who want to invite people who have been a part of their lives but their contributions have gone unnoticed, whether in these tough times or day to day lives. A gesture to thank them for their support by inviting them for the first Daawat, when life gets back to normal.”