Cremica Food Industries has launched a new variety of sauces that are deliciously addictive and can be used in salad dressing, for dips or to prepare filling for sandwiches and wraps. The next time you shop, seven different types of lip-smacking sauces are going to be available at the Cremica counters.

On this momentous occasion, Akshay Bector, CMD, Cremica Food Industries, said, “We have been experimenting with new and different ingredients/flavours to create new, tastier cold condiments and sauce recipes. While we previously had only a tomato sauce, and mayonnaise, with the introduction of these seven varieties of sauces, along with the tomato ketchup, the flavour profile of the dish will be improved and will offer unique culinary experiences to the diners.”

With changing lifestyles and income levels, there has been an increase in consumption of condiments and growth of the food services sector. Consumers are looking for more exotic flavours which were not known a decade ago. They are also switching to vegetarian and healthy products. This has led to a lot of innovation and demand to provide unique and exotic flavours in the food sector. The company is debuting its range of seven sauces and tomato ketchup to cater to this ever-changing palate of millennial consumers. It pioneered the vegetarian mayonnaise from 1996 posted a turnover of Rs 300 crore last fiscal, with average annual growth of 20 per cent and is keen to capture this new disruption in the market, in a similar fashion.

“Though tomato ketchup, tomato sauces, Indian ethnic chutney, pudina & imli, mustard, and mayo remain on the top of the list of most-used sauces overall, when dining at restaurants or in other food establishments, an increasing number of people are searching for specific sauces with distinctive flavour. With the introduction of these flavours from Cremica – Chipotle Sauce, Sriracha Sauce, Piripiri sauce, Tomato Ketchup, Honey Mustard, Sweet Onion Sauce, Thai Sweet Chili Sauce, Barbeque Sauce – we would like to capture and become global leaders in the cold condiment market,” said Bector.

Across the globe, the market for tomato ketchup is expected to increase by US$4 billion in the next 5 years due to significant growth in the food and beverage industry. Tomato ketchup pairs well with a wide variety of cuisines and foods offered by hotels, cafes and fast-food chains. Flavoured tomato ketchup, with fresh and new ingredients like sweet and spicy, chili, barbeque, chipotle, and jalapeno, is being used to enhance the flavour of the dish and to accompany snacks and appetisers. This combination of flavours is exactly what you will find under the Cremica banner of products.