In today’s world, the need for sustainability has become more urgent than ever. We are faced with environmental challenges that demand our attention to secure our future well-being and the health of our planet. Cornitos, the renowned Indian Nachos brand, has taken remarkable steps towards addressing these challenges and promoting sustainable development for a healthy lifestyle.
One significant stride in this direction is the installation of a solar plant at Cornitos’ manufacturing unit in Roorkee, where the delectable Crusties baked snack is curated. The solar plant minimizes the brand’s carbon footprint. By embracing renewable energy sources, such as solar power, Cornitos has reduced its reliance on non-renewable energy like coal, oil, and gas.
Cornitos has been using water recycling system, recognizing the value of this precious resource. The brand’s commitment to water recycling ensures that water used during the production process is treated and reused, instead of being discharged into the environment.
As a responsible food manufacturer, Cornitos follows the Extended Producers Responsibility activity as directed by the Central Pollution Control Board, Government of India. The brand continuously strives to adopt sustainable practices and take appropriate measures to conserve natural resources.
By championing solar energy, water recycling, and responsible manufacturing practices, Cornitos paves the way for a brighter, greener, and more sustainable future. Together, let us join hands in supporting Cornitos’ mission to protect our environment and create a better world for all.