Embarking on a flavorful collaboration, Cornitos was delighted to be the dynamic co-powered by sponsor of Horn Ok Please 11.0! that took place at JLN Stadium on 1st – 3rd December. Nestled at the heart of this extravaganza, Cornitos highlighted its signature crunch and zest along with fun-filled activities to the forefront, elevating the festival experience to new heights.

Talking about the collaboration Vikram Agarwal, Managing Director of Cornitos, Greendot Health Foods Pvt. Ltd said “We were elated to be partnered with Horn OK Please and have the opportunity to transform every corner of this food fest into a tantalizing haven of taste. This platform was not just a stage for our brand; it was a dynamic avenue to connect with our core audience—the vibrant and discerning youth. As they engage with us here, we gain valuable insights into their taste preferences, allowing us to craft experiences that resonate with their unique palates.”

On the first day, a designated Cornitos stall beckons festival-goers with tempting displays of nachos, crusties, nuts, and tacos, creating a delightful culinary haven. Strategic photo booths capture the festival’s essence, encouraging attendees to share their moments on social media. The festival unfolded with the dynamic energy of Cornitos’ live cooking zone, where the versatile Crusties took center stage.

Moving into Day 2, the fully stocked Cornitos kiosk offered a visual feast, accompanied by the lively presence of Cornitos’ mascot, Corny. Corny brought the party to life with a dance competition to the brand’s signature music. Test your Cornitos knowledge with fun trivia contests and quizzes organized, and the audience has a chance to win exciting prizes. Day 3 saw the final preparations culminating in a grand event finale.

It was a journey where the spirit of Horn Ok Please harmoniously intertwined with the bold flavors of Cornitos, promising a celebration of taste that will linger long after the festival lights dim.