Karnataka’s age old Nati flavours are savored and cherished till date and Caraway Kitchen at Conrad Bengaluru has the perfect treat in store. Relish in a local tryst of aromatic spices and fragrant flavours at the “Nati Ruchigalu” Food festival from November 11th to November 24th 2021.
Indulge yourself in a rustic country style, flavoursome dinner which will leave you wanting for more at every bite. The produce is locally sourced and delicately prepared, to bring to life those unforgettable tastes and smells. With a menu created to tickle one’s appetite with a combination of country style and best home recipes at the property.
Chef Praveen Shetty adds, “The Nati cuisine festival is centred around the local essence, giving guests a nostalgic resurrection of taste from the military messes and presenting a local and cultural experience, with a global twist to it.”
The menu includes everything from authentic dishes to drinks like the detectable Donne Biriyani, Ragi Mudde, Mutton Kurma and the mouthwatering Keema Ball Curry. Beverages like Bel Sherbet, Panakam and Nannari sherbet, all crowd pleasers in their own right. So come and experience a true and authentic country style dinner at the “Nati Ruchigalu” food festival at INR2200 per person plus taxes.