Antylia Scientific™, a global leader in peristaltic and single use bioprocessing solutions, and a diverse portfolio of life sciences and diagnostic products for the pharma, biopharma, healthcare, and environmental markets, launches today.

Formerly Cole-Parmer Instrument Company, Antylia Scientific (An-til-e-a) will continue to build on our platform of unique products and expert customer support by expanding the company’s organic product research and development capabilities and acquiring complementary products and companies.

“Our evolution as a provider of mission critical products to our customers in their quest to discover and manufacture new therapeutics, vaccines, and diagnostic tests has led to creating Antylia Scientific,” said Bernd Brust, Chairman & CEO.

Antylia Scientific is creating two operating divisions, Bioprocessing and Life Sciences.

Our bioprocessing portfolio includes our industry-leading Masterflex® I/P®, L/S®, B/T®, Ismatec® and Reglo range of peristaltic pumps, our MasterflexLive® connected products, pump and transfer tubing, flow meters and single-use components and assemblies. Masterflex addresses the entire fluid path from research to production with a solution set developed for the specific needs of our bioprocessing, pharma and food and beverage customers.

“Masterflex has become the industry standard. We are the customer’s first choice in peristaltic pumps that support their need for providing consistent, repeatable, reliable and pure end products in cGMP environments across the globe,” added Brian Barnett, SVP, Bioprocessing.

Our life sciences portfolio includes well-recognized brands such as the environmental sampling and testing innovator, Environmental Express®; real-time monitoring and cold storage expertise at Traceable®; our standards and external diagnostic control specialists, SPEX® and ZeptoMetrix®; and our lab essentials and consumables brand Cole-Parmer®.

“Innovation is in our DNA. Bringing together this portfolio of exceptional businesses, products and talent allows us to continue to deliver trailblazing products that improve the quality, accuracy, efficiency and repeatability of our customers’ critical processes,” said Jon Salkin, President, Antylia Scientific. “Antylia Scientific will serve as a catalyst for further organic investment and acquisitions in the burgeoning life sciences and environmental markets.”

“With great respect for our company’s venerable history,” added Bernd Brust, “we are confident that Antylia Scientific is now well positioned to serve our customers in their quests to accelerate scientific discovery and improve the quality of life.”