Callebaut, the home of the Finest Belgian Chocolate since 1911, is excited to roll out its ‘Born Original’ campaign within Asia’s rich culinary scene by introducing/celebrating Chef Vinesh Johny as the region’s first official Born Original Chef. This initiative honors visionary chefs worldwide who inspire others through their unique culinary journeys and embody originality.
The ‘Born Original’ concept is rooted in the belief that the brand and the chefs it supports are true originals. The campaign reinstates that Callebaut, being the original taste of Belgium, understands the fight and struggles chefs and artisans fight better than anyone else, and hence, both are connected since they are ‘Born Original.’
With the rise of chocolate in the region, Chef Vinesh Johny, co-founder of Lavonne Academy of Baking Science and Pastry Arts in Bengaluru, India, epitomizes the essence of the ‘Born Original’ ethos. From humble beginnings to becoming a trailblazer in Indian pastry arts, his story is one of resilience, passion, and relentless pursuit of excellence. His first encounter with Callebaut chocolate ignited a fervour for pastry, driving his innovation and creativity.
Reflecting on his journey, Chef Vinesh Johny shared, “I wasn’t made for schools and textbooks, but I was born to use my hands and create. The discovery of quality chocolate was a revelation that set my passion for pastry ablaze. With Callebaut, I’ve found a medium that allows me to push the boundaries of creativity. Being a part of the Born Original campaign was a very organic collaboration for me personally, and I’m thrilled to be representing Callebaut Born Original in India & Asia.”
Dhruva Jyoti Sanyal, Managing Director of Barry Callebaut Cocoa and Chocolate Ingredients, India, emphasized the significance of supporting chefs in their creative endeavours, especially in challenging times. “Every artisan and chef strives to differentiate themselves and create delights that excite customers. However, they face numerous challenges, such as changing consumer behaviors, market fluctuations, and intense competition. By collaborating with Chef Vinesh Johny, we feel the message will be delivered to our end consumers and create an impact correctly. As chocolate rises in India and the region emerges as the future of chocolate, we stand by our chefs as a steadfast partner, providing the original chocolate they can count on to pursue their passion.”
Xuan-Lai Huynh, Global Brand Leader – Callebaut, added, “We are committed to demonstrating our unwavering dedication to our customers. By prioritizing service excellence and reaffirming our values, we empower chefs and artisans worldwide to continue creating their finest works with Callebaut, the original taste of Belgium.”
So far, the campaign has featured stories of Sebastian Pettersson, a pastry chef and chocolatier in Sweden; Anaïs Gaudemer, a Floral pastry chef in Brussels; Nicolas Nikolakopoulos, a pastry chef and desserts designer in Greece; and Lungi Mhlanga, a bakery chef in London.
Chef Vinesh’s story will go live digitally on 14 June 2024 on the Callebaut global and India channels. The series will emphasize his major role in revolutionizing the Indian pastry landscape and bringing local talent to the global stage.