Are you planning to take your siblings to a fancy, trendy location for Raksha Bandhan with falls on August 30, and celebrate your Sibling Love with a Flavorful Twist?

Platform 65, India’s largest toy-train-themed restaurant invites you to a heartwarming and delectable event on this particular occasion at all its outlets. This year, Platform 65 is not just offering delicious delights, but also a chance to capture and share those treasured moments with a creative twist. Prepare to embark on a culinary journey filled with sibling love, laughter, and a touch of competition.

Platform 65 welcomes you and your siblings to join the special activities for Raksha Bandhan, which celebrates the blend of the joy of food, family, and fun. Experience the mouthwatering cuisine, with our exciting and engaging activities like capturing precious moments with your siblings against the backdrop of our charming restaurant, and Post the selfie on your social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter) and tag Platform 65. The funniest and most creative, heartwarming selfie will get a surprise gift worth up to ₹500 food coupon, and the participants get a free Complementary chef’s special dessert with a 15% discount and Raksha Bandhan bands. Let us make this Raksha Bandhan an unforgettable experience at Platform 65.

Mr. Sadgun Patha, Managing Director and Founder of Platform 65, said, “Raksha Bandhan is a festival that resonates deeply with the values of love, care, and bonding. At Platform 65, we believe in creating experiences that touch the heart and ignite a sense of togetherness. Our ‘Sibling Selfie’ contest is a small way of celebrating the beautiful relationships that siblings share while indulging in the culinary delights our restaurant has to offer. We look forward to seeing the creative entries and celebrating the spirit of Raksha Bandhan with all our patrons.”