To commemorate Bastille Day, Amiel Gourmet, a collective establishment of modern French cuisine in Bengaluru, has curated an exclusive menu with a line-up of newly-launched French canapés at their Centre for Sports Excellence outlet on 14th July 2023.

Crafted by Chef Amiel Guerin, executive chef and founder – Amiel Gourmet, the menu brings a unique blend of French gastronomy and innovation while housing locally-sourced ingredients. Some of the key highlights from this menu include Duck Confit on a Scallion Pancake, fashioned with Plum Chutney and Arugula; Red Tuna encased with Tapenade, Anchovy and Confit Pepper on Potato; Glazed Carrot embellished with Chorizo Jam & Coriander Sour Cream; Roasted Eggplant perfected with Tomato Jam & Bocconcini, and much more. Paired with the canapés are refreshing wine cocktails and live music.

For a sweet tribute to the evening, savour a decadent range of mini pastries from the menu featuring Paris Brest, Choco Chilli Opera, Mango Rosemary Macaron, Grapefruit Mousse with Watermelon Gel and Matcha Cheesecake with Raspberry.

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