Cargill has unveiled its plans to build a new $21 million chocolate complex in a move to facilitate better product development and enhance its customer collaboration experience.

The House of Chocolate complex – which will be located at its Mouscron, Belgium site – will include a chocolate experience centre, a pilot plant, a sensory lab and a creative workspace for the company’s European R&D team.

The new 700 square-metre complex, built alongside Cargill’s existing chocolate production plant, will enable customers to experience the convenience of an all-in-one development process at a single location.

Customers will gain inspiration and training from Cargill’s gourmet chocolate chefs to brainstorm product concepts which will then be tested through small-scale production trials. Meanwhile, the in-house sensory lab will ensure those products deliver on consumers’ expectations for taste, visual appearance, texture, before culminating in commercial-scale production.

“Innovation stands at the forefront of our House of Chocolate, as we bring together all our expertise and resources,” said Harold Poelma, president of Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate.

He added: “It will allow us to collaborate with customers at every step of their product development journey, transforming ideas into reality using a streamlined approach to facilitate innovation and deliver greater efficiency and speed to market.”


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