As the country begins to unlock and reopen restaurants and malls, Burger King India has also been opening its dine-in restaurants across locations (as per government guidelines). Following are some of the initiatives undertaken by the company to ensure safe and hygienic food along with a unique dine-in experience: Food safety Its single biggest priority right now is to provide safe and hygienic food to guests. As an MNC, it practices high standard of restaurant procedures on food safety, hygiene and sanitisation. However, in the wake of Covid -19 – it has increased the frequency of these protocols. Crew safety Crew across all restaurants operate with gloves, face masks and adhere to WHO prescribed social distancing guidelines. Every crew member undergoes a mandatory temperature check. Sanitisation Sanitisation protocols are stringent and they include not just the crew hand washing but also veggie washing and sanitisation of guest areas like billing counter and lobby. Food assurance The patties are cooked at high temperatures of 180deg (or more). Further, all burgers are free from synthetic flavours and synthetic colours. Social distancing and hygiene for dine-in guests Social distancing will be practised across all restaurants. There will be social distance markers on the floor to guide guests and help them maintain safe distance at dine-in and takeaway ordering counters. Further, even inside restaurant, it has markers on tables and chairs to ensure safe distance while guests enjoy burgers. Safe delivery Every delivery bag is signed off by a crew member with his/her personal assurance on the safety protocols with which the food has been made. A sanitiser sachet is attached with every delivery bag so that guests can enjoy food with safe hands. The restaurant application can also be used for online ordering, and the guest has delivery options of BK Delivery, Swiggy or Zomato.