Bühler has opened a new Food Application Center (FAC) in Minneapolis, to promote sustainable innovation in the food supply chain. The FAC has been established to develop methods of transforming crops into new food solutions and products, such as flours, snacks, pasta, cereals and plant-based meat analogues. According to Bühler, its new development venue features the latest raw material processing and handling systems, equipping it to take raw ingredients through to finished products. The Swiss company says its new centre will support the North American food industry in its transition towards a more resilient, agile and sustainable food supply chain. It is intended to provide a training ground and resource for start-ups, academia, Bühler customers and industry partners, as well as for the company’s own workforce. “The FAC is a playground for the food industry, built to foster collaboration between food processing companies and other industry organisations, who, working side-by-side with Bühler’s processing experts, can test their business ideas, perfect them, and successfully bring them to market,” said Bühler’s FAC director, Yannick Gaechter. “The new FAC stands ready to welcome innovative food processors and other interested organisations, to collaborate, create, and perfect new and sustainable food products as we all address the quickly changing demands of consumers’ diets.” Andy Sharpe, CEO Bühler North America, added: “The FAC is a place for learning how to create and process new products, new protein sources, and new ways to strengthen our food supply chains.”