Britannia Bel Foods Private Limited, a joint venture between Britannia Industries Ltd and French company Bel Groupe has unveiled the new brand identity of their co-branded product range ‘Britannia The Laughing Cow’. ‘Britannia The Laughing Cow’ logo will now be part of all integrated marketing communication touch points for the brand across packaging, online platforms & in stores.

The new identity has been announced via a Digital video campaign (DVC) that combines the strength of the two iconic brands. Tasty and Healthy snacking is a key consumer trend and Britannia The Laughing Cow is well positioned to cater to this. The brand offers a range of deliciously creamy cheese with the power of protein that adds laughter to every snacking moment.

Commenting on the new brand identity campaign, Mr. Abhishek Sinha, CEO of Britannia Bel Foods said, “We are gearing up to build and develop the nascent cheese category in India. The new co-branded identity will enhance our brand’s credibility and showcase the versatile nutritious product range from ‘Britannia The Laughing Cow’. Our cheese is rich in nutrients. Today, the amount of protein consumed by Indians falls below the required benchmark and we, as a brand, aim to address this glaring issue. Our endeavour is to educate and increase the protein intake among young India. This signifies our commitment to provide a range of delicious, nutritious and innovative products that is accessible to all our consumers.”

The campaign has been conceptualized by Havas Mumbai. Tarun Jha, CEO, Havas Creative India said, “With Britannia and Bel Cheese coming together, we witnessed two iconic brands combining their legacies to offer unrivalled customer satisfaction. We are excited to be a catalyst for Bel Britannia, partnering with these forward-thinking companies on this new, exciting journey. We cannot wait to make the best use of our strategic know-how and creative prowess, to maximise their collaboration’s potential and forging a successful route that will captivate audiences with engaging stories.”

The marketing campaign for Britannia The Laughing Cow will employ a comprehensive multi-touchpoint strategy to effectively reach our target audience. With a data-driven approach, we will leverage digital platforms as the primary promotional channel. This will enable us to optimize our reach and engage our audience in a more personalized manner. While digital platforms will be the core focus, the brand will actively engage with consumers through other mediums. Cheese category is often not prominently displayed at the store level, as the visicoolers or fridges are typically located inside the store. Consequently, we will place a strong emphasis on retail branding to enhance product visibility and drive purchase intent.