While the entire nation is trying different means of immunity boosting on a daily basis during the Corona virus scare quarantine period, leading FMCG player the Bonn Group of Industries, under its NU Health range, has unveiled Herb & Seeds bread that contains immunity booster ingredients. This new range of bread will be available in entire North India.
The bread contains essential ingredients including turmeric, black pepper, oregano, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds that help in boosting one’s immunity system. Turmeric helps in regulating the immune system and quick healing. Oregano contains compounds like carvacrol and thymol that help boost the immune system, black pepper has antioxidant properties, pumpkin seeds are a rich source of Omega-6 fatty acids and sunflower seeds contain selenium which controls cell damage.
 “The addition of this new variant of bread is one more step in the direction of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of enhancing the body’s natural defence system to fight against Covid-19. After all, good health is the harbinger of happiness.While there is still no cure for the disease, a lot of health experts are saying that a strong immune system could help because predominantly Corona virus is affecting those whose immunity is compromised be it elderly, infants or people suffering from co- morbidities. Therefore, we decided to come up with this bread. Since bread being one of the staple diets of Indian households, adding immunity booster ingredients certainly help the consumers. We also want to encourage our patrons to follow a balanced life with fibre-rich diet and regular exercise with the launch of the new bread,” said Amrinder Singh, director, Bonn Group of Industries.
Meanwhile, the company is leaving no stone unturned to get its products and employees safe in the troubled times of Covid-19 emergency. The company has been maintaining round-the-clock sanitisation programme of plants, crates, offices and vehicles; social distancing during reporting time, training and refreshment; and distributing masks, checking of temperature through infra-red thermometers every day of all the staff arriving for work.They have been upholding safety and hygienic standards to perfection and managing the demand of goods in limited workforce