North India based, BL Agro Limited, one of the fastest growing edible oil and food products company in India, has now expanded its horizons to South India. Rooted in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, the company has been on an aggressive market expansion mode since the beginning of this year and has since ventured into states of Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, and now Karnataka.

In the state, Bengaluru is the first city the company has zeroed in to set its base, given the market demand and opportunities.

The company was established close to 5 decades ago. ‘Bail Kolhu’ company’s flagship mustard oil brand was the first one launched years ago. It then gradually paced forward to become a fast-growing food products company with the launch of its brand ‘Nourish’ in the year 2018. ‘Nourish’ products are retailed through the company’s website as well as through Exclusive Brand Outlets (EBOs), present at 13 locations currently.

In Bengaluru, the company has tied up with two super stockists and has deployed its team to ensure ‘Nourish’ products are readily available in the retail market. The company wishes to penetrate and mark its presence across mom-n-pop stores, supermarkets and with wholesalers in the city.

Ashish Khandelwal, managing director, BL Agro, said, “We have gained and retained the trust of consumers in Northern India, and this forms the very foundation of our expansion to Southern part of the country starting with Bengaluru. I am confident that our food products brand ‘Nourish’ that promises wholesome nutrition, will gain the same goodwill as our signature legacy mustard oil brand Bail Kolhu.”

Sanjeev Tripathi, National Head, BL Agro, said, “Our foray into Karnataka market is a part of our strategy to expand our foot print in southern part of India, very soon we will expand our reach to Goa and Hyderabad market. As a part of Healthy India Campaign, we remain committed to offer best of the grains available across India using best and latest of the technology through our brand Nourish and Bail Kolhu.