Biryani By Kilo, India’s most loved & biggest biryani & kebab delivery chain is projected to grow its revenue to Rs 300 crore in FY 22-23. The brand specialises in offering 4 variations (Hyderabadi, Lucknowi, Kolkata & Guntur) of freshly dum cooked handi biryani along with curated menu replete with kebabs, korma, desserts and breads to more than 5 million customers since inception. The company currently operates 100+ outlets across 45+ cities including Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Jaipur, Dehradun, Goa and Kolkata among others. With a scalable business model and best-in-class unit economics, the brand also has an omni-channel strategy by having its own website, dine-in restaurants, and dedicated customer care centre, aiming to achieve 35-40% (from current 30%) of the business through their own channels by Dec 2022.

The company delivers freshly prepared biryani to its customers in 60-90 minutes since the brand firmly believes that “Every good thing takes time”. Fresh biryani dum cooking unlike pizza takes at least 30 mins. Constant innovation and experimentation with processes, tech and flavours has contributed to the growth of the brand. Apart from biryanis, BBK menu also features dishes such as Chicken Ghee Roast; Chicken & Paneer 65, Veg & Mutton Galoutis, and preferred desserts like Phirni. Vegetarian options include Veg, Peshawari Chole, Kathal and Paneer Biryanis; curries and kebabs such as Paneer Nawabi, Paneer 65 and Burani Raita, all of which are in keeping with the tradition of the Nizams and are utterly delectable. Also BBK delivers premium melt in mouth – Veg & Non Veg Kebab Platters.

The brand processes around 4-5 million orders in year currently, with an average order value of Rs 725. The company dum cooks each handi biryani for every individual order & delivers the same handi to the customer to preserve freshness, taste, authenticity, and hygiene. It also truly believes in the concept of sustainability, thus sources its handis from local artisans eliminating the middlemen and providing sustainable employment to craftsmen. Also these handis are reusable for cooking, putting plants & DIY activities.

“At Biryani By Kilo, we take great pride in promoting and delivering biryanis in the most authentic manner possible pan-India. We are dedicated to making India proud by establishing the brand as the largest chain of biryani restaurants across the globe delivering quality & delicious food. Over the years, we have been innovating with our products and have put senior professional middle management team & world class processes & technology infrastructure to take us to next stage. We are poised to be Rs 1000 crore company in next 2-3 years with pan- India presence. Also we are looking to expand internationally from next year taking India heritage biryanis to Far East & Middle East. These are exciting times and we are here to make the most of it. ” said Vishal Jindal, founder & co-CEO, Biryani By Kilo.