Öz by Kebapçi is a perfect harmony of contemporary Turkish delicacies, traditional to modern presentation, and an ambience that transports you to Turkey. Öz, a 6000+ sqft fine dining space, has officially opened its doors in Bangalore at UB City and offers a well-curated menu encapsulating modern Turkish cuisine that is inspired by Turkiye & its neighboring regions rich in culture that has significantly influenced the world cuisine. Oz brings to you the best of these flavors with engaging showmanship set in a mesmerizing décor, infusing elements of traditional Turkish culture & modern architecture.

Derived from the Turkish word Ozlu which translates to quintessential, Öz signifies the luxury experience that it has set out for people to witness. This new restaurant has certainly benchmarked Turkish cuisine in the city & has elevated the whole genre with such meticulous detailing that has gone behind every dish served to the overall experience put together The food and culinary experience also conjures a convivial atmosphere, with the intricate detail in this haven of fine dining excellence, thought out to ensure guests have a truly unforgettable experience. From ornate décor elements, the art gracing the walls, handwoven carpets, lamps, and cutlery to every spice & ingredient brought to you from Turkiye, allowing for an immersive dining experience that captures the soul of Turkiye. The space has been designed by Mert Duyal specialized interior designer from Istanbul, who specializes in design in the hospitality sector & has also done the iconic Sofitel in Taksim, Istanbul. The narrative of the space was clear from the start, which is to achieve the balance between the old-world charm of Turkiye meeting the modern take on the region which Mert being a local has beautifully brought to reality.

Guests can look forward to a wide array of dishes that will be sure to keep their mouthwatering from the first bite to the last. Some of the must-try dishes are ANTEP KEBAP (Hand minced on a wooden table with specific spices and barbecued to perfection), MANTI (Spinach and Corn or meat hand folded into pasta dough, butter bathed, and cooked in yogurt or sauce), KAVURMA PILAF (vegetarian version of the iconic kavurma with rice, chickpeas, and leeks), LOKUM MUTTON (It’s imported mutton carefully cut, glazed with secret sauces & then flamed to searing perfection at your table), LOKUM PANEER, ALTE EZMELI (the izmir kebap that is butter-bathed and barbecued with signature tomato sauce), ALI NAZLIK (Signature dish from the UNESCO certified city of gastronomy-Gaziantep, minced meat kebap and labneh with secret recipe of aubergine sauce), and DOLMA (The delicacy that is most special sought after rolled grapevine leaves with bulgur and rice).

Aasim Shah, Founder, commented, “We are a brand driven by quality, taste, and legacy. Ensuring we give only the best with every aspect of Oz’s experience, right from procuring the spices & ingredients from Turkiye to ensuring the fresh produce comes from our local farms. Doing justice to the cuisine is a matter of great responsibility and an honour that we feel privileged and grateful for. Our aim is to bring the soul of Turkiye’s food culture to Bangalore and offer our guests an unforgettable fine dining experience. Oz is a place where one comes to celebrate or etch in time memories they make with their loved ones & the experience at Oz is what makes it unforgettable. Within the next two years, we aim to expand Öz with the planned opening of strategically located branches across the country. We are excited to bring the modern Turkish culinary experience to Bangalore, and we look forward to welcoming one and all to enjoy the unparalleled cuisine we offer.”

Not only is the delectable food impressive, but the beverage options compliment the food extremely well. The vegetarian dishes in the menu too are like no other the city has to offer. The team has aced ensuring the menu fulfils every guest’s culinary desire. The restaurant ensures diners always enjoy the freshest servings at the highest level of quality. Oz wants customers to enjoy the freshest flavors and engage in the dining experience that will transport them to Turkiye. In other words, Oz has brought to Bengaluru a great addition of flavors that you will surely be visiting repeatedly with your loved ones to experience this divine pairing of unmatched flavors & unforgettable experience.

The restaurant is open to the public to experience modern Turkish cuisine and rich culinary traditions. Öz by Kebapçi, is now open daily at Second Floor, UB City, Bangalore, from 12:30 pm to 12:30 am.