Barbeque Nation, one of India’s leading quick service restaurants and casual dining chains now celebrates Ramadan. The festival being a month-long celebration the restaurant major has been offering the Ramadan Box.

“We are celebrating with much fervour and Ramadan being a month-long celebration, it gave us an opportunity to specially curate a menu on this occasion for our guests. The people who fast during this festival look forward to breaking it with the Iftari, which is a sumptuous spread that is shared by the whole family. Iftari denotes a special time of togetherness. The Ramadan Box is a compilation of special dishes that are prepared at homes during Ramadan,” stated Chef Krishna Rai, culinary head, Barbeque Nation.

“Some of the special dishes prepared at this time are Sheer Khurma and Mutton khichda. We have launched the Ramadan Box with these dishes to create a sense of festivity and togetherness among everyone,” he added.

Festivals and Barbeque Nation have one thing in common. As festivals bring friends and family together, so does Barbeque Nation. “Ramadan has been a part of our celebrations previously too, and this year we followed the same to convey a sense of togetherness during the time of this festival. Previously also, Ramadan had been celebrated at Barbeque Nation, and we had specially curated menus for both dine-in as well as home delivery,” said Chef Rai.

“Some QSRs might have a menu curated for the Ramadan season, but we are not aware of the same. But our response to this special Ramadan menu so far has been great. People have loved the special menu spread and have given great reviews on their experience over the feedback platform. We have been receiving very good response every year on this special Ramadan menu,” said Chef Rai.