In the current process of widespread globalization, we in Bagla group understand that meeting customer requirements is the key to success for any organization. It is with this belief that we started Bagla Group, in
1988. A company that is in the business of Packaging tapes, almost instantly became a prominent name in its business segment, but like every organization sticks to their dream;we always wanted to push the company to more prosperous milestones. More than being a global player, we always perceived our company as a unit that could make a difference with its quality and competitively priced products.
The journey of Bagla group is never ending, but with the support of our team and customers, we are
confident that the company will continue to scale milestones of excellence for years to come.
On behalf of the Bagla group | Hindustan Adhesives ltd. | Bagla Polifilms Ltd. we would like to thank
our valuable customers, reliable dealers and world-class suppliers. Besides, we would like to make a special
mention of our team member’s enthusiastic contribution in establishing our organization and in turn taking us to greater heights.

Bagla group | Hindustan Adhesives ltd. | Bagla Polifilms Ltd. has been in business for 30+ years and
continuously revolutionizing the adhesive packaging tape industry. The company has different types of
products like Adhesive Tapes, Acrylic packaging Tapes, Kraft Paper Tapes, Hot Melt Packaging Tapes, Self
Adhesive Paper Tapes, Tamper Evident Tapes, Tear Tapes, Cellulose Tapes, Natural Rubber Packaging
Tapes and POF Shrink films.
Our MD says ‘’throughout our history we have operated in different markets and we are proud of the way
we have adapted to changing circumstances to be where we are today. As a forward looking company we will continue to apply the sound principles listed in our vision statement – To be the most preferred global
suppliers of self adhesives and polyolefin shrink films using passion, innovation, and technology. Keeping in
mind the current shift towards more eco friendly ways of life, we have even come up with a variety of eco
friendly packaging options as we feel packaging should never stop.”He concluded by saying that “the future holds a lot for us and with the support of all stakeholders, Bagla group strives to reach greater heights.”​