Amiel Gourmet, a collective establishment of modern French cuisine in Bengaluru, reveals a one-of-a-kind dessert by transforming the classic breakfast dish – Sunny Side Up into an Instagram-worthy sweet experience.
Chef Amiel Guerin brings his creativity to the plate by artfully assembling various uncommon ingredients into an eye-catching dessert. From skillfully leveraging the ganache foam made with white chocolate & extra virgin olive oil as the egg white to substituting the sunny-yolky spheres with fresh mangoes, this dessert embodies the perfect balance between gastronomy and innovation. Additionally, the garnish of Fleur de Sel, basil, and Naga pepper provides an interesting burst of flavours, enhancing the overall taste.
Don’t miss the chance to try this limited-edition dessert at Amiel Gourmet along with various French delicacies from the menu!
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