Delhi is reeling from the devastating second wave of the COVID-19 outbreak. Upwards of 20,000 new cases are being registered daily, with hospitals seeing an influx of new patients every day. Amid the chaos, Daalchini, India’s first 24/7 snacking destination that offers delectable and healthy home food to corporate professionals, is expanding its ambit to hospitals.

Daalchini’s contactless, smart vending machines will be deployed at the city’s key hospitals including Fortis, Max, Apollo, Dharamshila, Kailash, and Delhi Cancer Hospital. With this development, Daalchini will allow frontline workers, patients and visiting families access to healthy meals in a safe, contactless manner. Considering the current situation, and the dire need for maintaining social distancing, hospitals are increasingly turning to AI, Robotics and other smart technologies within their premises.

Prerna Kalra, Founder of Daalchini said, From water to a quick snack, while waiting for your loved one at the hospital, we aim to fulfil on-the-go F&B needs in a 100% contactless and affordable way through vending machines and smart fridges. With more that 43000 private hospitals and 25000 public hospitals in India, the demand is already high and further increasing especially in current challenging times.

Serving 6-meals-a-day through its IoT-led ‘phygital’ vending machines, Daalchini is allowing individuals to meet their daily nutrition while at the hospital. Seeing the incremental demand, Daalchini is refilling its machines 3-4 times a day across all the hospitals.