The All India Food Processors’ Association (AIFPA) has asked its members to comply with the provisions with respect to labelling of the food products, prescribed by the FSSAI and Legal Metrology department within the due time for smooth running of businesses.

The Association, for better understanding of these labelling modifications, has issued guideline documents for its members having compilation of the updated directions, amendments with respect to the labelling norms.

According to AIFPA, this document consists of updates from amendments, directions, and FAQs etc. along with a list of source documents which could be used for more detailed information.

The document details FSS (Labelling and Display Regulations) 2020, which comes into effect from 1st July 2022 and rules for naming of the food product, list of ingredients, & nutritional information (along with calculation of energy value, protein, dietary fibre, trans-fats and recommended dietary allowance) amongst others.

The document also describes the rules for veg-and non-veg logos & the size prescribed by the FSSAI and milk logo, which is applicable by 1 Jan 2023.

The labelling requirements by the food businesses also include declaration regarding food additives, name, complete address, FSSAI licence number with logo, quantity, retail sale price in accordance with Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules Amendment 2022 .

Further, date marking codes, use of fortification & organic logo, new rules with respect to sale of multi-source edible and rules for advertising of articles of food like pan masala, were also included in the document.The document also details the requirement for the principal display panel as per FSSR and Legal Metrology that includes height of letters and numerals for declarations.

The document also helps the food business understand if there isn’t any change in the regulations like in case of labelling of imported foods