ADM (NYSE: ADM), a global leader in human and animal nutrition, announced today its outlook on the flavor and color
trends that will drive product innovation in 2024. With unapologetic abandon
for self-expression coupled with individual wellness goals top-of-mind for
consumers across regions, ADM has identified four trends that illustrate
evolving consumer behaviors and will inspire memorable moments.
“Color trends, and corresponding flavors, in foods and beverages provide
unique insights into the human condition, revealing how we are responding
and adapting to macro forces far beyond the table,” said Hélène Moeller, vice
president of global product marketing for flavors and colors at ADM. “From
focusing on well-being for themselves and the planet, compounded by
concerns for affordability, the color and flavor trends we identified in this
report indicate what foods and beverages consumers will reach for on product shelves.”
ADM’s color and flavor experts identified these themes through a deep dive
into consumer purchasing behavior and trends both online and offline, and
across industries beyond foods and beverages.
“Color is at the epicenter of the food, fashion and content that the world
consumes,” said Moeller. “We also know that flavor trends are dynamic,
affected by cultural events, viral social media phenomena and emerging
consumer tastes.”
From embracing the unconventional to supporting health in all forms,
reinventing nostalgic favorites and experiencing indulgent products without
the price tag, ADM outlines what to expect for flavors and colors in 2024:
Luxe Self-Expression Consumers are defying convention with an emboldened desire to experience fully flavored and vibrantly colored foods and beverages. From sensational encounters that rival digital expression to luxurious indulgences that reflect personalized desires, this trend centers on the curated consumption of products with maximum impact.

Economical offerings that credibly replicate consumers’ beloved products are expanding beyond fashion and personal care into the food and beverage segment. Brilliant color mimicry and flavor authenticity offer visual and taste  experiences that go beyond the norm to deliver on consumer expectations for natural ingredients, authentic regional cuisines and convincing alternative formulations.

Health Without Stealth Flavors and colors are powerful cues to support product positioning through consumer associations. Today’s shoppers are seeking out functional foods and beverages that support holistic health, from relaxation to hydration and mental to physical wellness. These associated benefits must be presented without sacrifice to the sensory experience, as consumers view better-for-you products as the norm instead of the exception.

Breaking Boundaries of Taste & Color         Yesterday’s uncommon experiences are today’s favorites and tomorrow’s mainstream staples. Consumers are clamoring for vivid food and beverage creations that are accelerating the shift from new to now. On the leading

edge are hyper-local flavors on a global scale and dazzling rainbow hues that reflect colorful ingredients derived from nature.

Learn more about the four themes and dive further into trend expressions and flavor and color inspirations her