ADM, a global leader in sustainable agriculture supply chains, is launching a significant expansion of its re:generations regenerative agriculture program, ensuring more North American producers can earn additional income while making a positive impact on the environment and their soil’s health.

After successfully enrolling more than 1 million acres in 2022, the company is continuing to invest to expand regenerations to cover 2 million acres in 2023, on its way to a goal of 4 million acres globally by 2025.

Paul Scheetz, director of Climate Smart Ag Origination at ADM, said, “With a value chain that stretches from more than 200,000 producers to downstream customers spanning food, feed, fuel, industrial and consumer products, ADM has an unparalleled ability to scale regenerative agriculture practices around the globe. We’re proud of our groundbreaking work to support regenerative agriculture efforts, which was recognized with a grant from US Department of Agriculture through which we’ll direct more funding directly to producers. We know producers have always been stewards of the land, and that this is their lifeblood. We’re excited to continue to invest to expand our unique array of re:generations benefits to bring even more of them into the program. We are helping create new value for our producer customers, while they reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase soil carbon sequestration, improve water quality, and promote biodiversity.”

The expansion will offer producers spanning 18 States and three Canadian provinces financial incentives and technical support for implementing practices including cover cropping, improved nutrient management and conservation tillage. The company is incentivising multiple practices and performance outcomes spanning crops including corn, soybeans, peanuts and wheat. Producers who enrol receive premium payments ranging up to $25 an acre per year, and in some instances also receive an additional per bushel premium for grain delivered to the company.