British poultry supplier Avara Foods has introduced a new turkey brand in the UK, as consumers opt for different sources of protein to support a healthier lifestyle.

The Turkey Kitchen range aims to tap into a millennial shopper base and is designed to target consumers looking to reduce their red meat intake.  

Drawing inspiration from around the world, the new range will include three products: Thai Style Cakes, Turkey Katsu and Cajun Turkey Strips.

Each dish is paired with a serving sauce which according to Avara Foods, differentiates its brand from other turkey products currently in the market.

Thai Style Cakes are accompanied with sweet chilli sauce, while Turkey Katsu is served with coconut sauce and Cajun Turkey Strips with Cajun oil marinade.  

“The Turkey Kitchen brand has been created based on shopper and category insights to give consumers a chance to change their perceptions about turkey by giving them a clear reason why they should buy into the category,” said Chris Hall, chief commercial officer at Avara Foods. 

He added: “We know what shoppers are looking for, and our new range will hit the mark for those hunting for flavour rich, fuss-free dinners. While the turkey fixture has long been recognised solely for its seasonal appeal, we are offering retailers a way to tap into protein hungry, health conscious millennials with a new range that draws on exotic flavours and changes perceptions about the taste of turkey.”   

The Turkey Kitchen range marks Avara Foods’, a joint venture between Cargill’s UK fresh poultry business and Faccenda, first branded product to retail. It is available to purchase now in Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons