Indian Beverage industry is a puzzle that is hard to crack; not many business heads in India have achieved the status of a leading manufacturer, importer, and marketer of food and beverages. Harry Sachdeva is a Trendsetter in the beverage industry, his accomplishments as an importer has left the whole industry astonished. Harry is renovating the Indian beverage domain by introducing premium quality and affordable energy drinks. Under the umbrella of group companies, he is heading Jes & Ben Groupo, Magical Dreams Productions, Hotel Goodtimes, Arian Breweries & Distillaries Ltd, Montage Distillery, and few other companies.  He raised the standard of the Indian imports and distribution Industry; he is a passionate individual who will not rest until his targets are achieved. 

Entering the Beverage Domain

Harry Sachdeva and Jes & Ben Groupo was the reason behind the entry of the brand Hell Energy into the Indian market. During the period 2017-2019, being the official and exclusive partners, they imported and marketed the famous brand with hard work, infrastructure, networking, channel partners, and made the brand reach where it is today. He was the man behind the entry of globally renowned Spanish brand San Miguel into India as well. He had set up his initial brewery in Rajasthan, a state of art technology and achieved great Success. After strenuous market research, he identified the gap where energy drinks were priced unreasonably high. He made it his passion to deliver to the Indian consumers the quality taste and standards of International beverages in an impressive price range. He launched his own brand Beast Energy Drink few months back, which has got the attention of consumers in a really short span because of the smart work done by his profound team of industry experts. This premium caffeinated energy drink is ‘Made in India’, enriched with vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12, complimented by an energizing taste and a affordable price.He made sure the brand goes into the hands of dedicated channel partners and make great physical presence across the outlets in North India.

Overcoming Challenges

The most significant hurdle faced by Jes & Ben Groupo was the original placement of the brand products in the market and turning the consumers toward the premium quality at the best price. The sellouts of the groundbreaking project Beast Energy Drink reached with the swiftness of their channel allies within a short period.  Making sure the formulation is wholly examined and investigated multiple times with crystalline lab reports before letting the product into the market. With a collective goal to induce healthier alternatives into the Indian beverage market with recyclable & eco-friendly packaging, they are holding on to their values with a comprehensive edge. They are aiming to reach a physical presence across 40% of the outlets in North India by 2021.

What does the Future Beholds?

Beverage is a partner to all the cuisines; hence the industry is only growing. Jes & Ben currently has Beast Energy, Nogu Nogu, Juste Coco, Pindi Sultani Zeera, Juste Bublee and few other products like the Non-alcoholic beer Sunich Malt, Kafer Wines, Krombacher Beer, Andes Wine, Valentine Beer, Tiffany and Piccadeli confectionery, Serene Fruit juice with pulp, and Juste Chocolarte. These products are gradually gaining the appreciation and love of the Indian customers. Harry Sachdeva is a visionary who has extensive goals beyond just selling beverages. “Catching up with the trends, people are becoming more aware of what they want. We are currently focusing on versatile drinks and targeting the youth of the country to get consumer cognizance.” He passionately mentioned when inquired about his future plan for the company. He envisions a beverage market that is way versatile than just soft drinks. Jes & Ben Groupo is advancing closer to this vision with every passing day. He is the Lead-in force behind the introduction of recently launched Beast Energy Drink and Hell Energy Drink which he bought into India in 2017.