With the reports suggesting that Belgian Authorities have ordered closure of Kinder Chocolate Factory on suspicion of being contaminated with salmonella, the Indian food authority, FSSAI has also sought response from the company.

According to FSSAI, the company has informed them that the ‘chocolate’ brand has not been imported in India since October 21.

“We have already taken up the matter with the FBO and its Indian subsidiary and their response stated that Ferrero India (P) Ltd , has not imported any Kinder chocolate from any country with a country of origin as Belgium since 1st October, 2021 till now. Furthermore, Ferrero India has not imported any Kinder chocolate or its products manufactured in Belgium in the past years. Ferrero India is not involved in the recall since they do not import any of the products in question,” reads the FSSAI’s response.

FSSAI added that it may be seen that as per the latest information, India is not impacted from the said incident and thus, there is no recall as the implicated products have not been imported into India.

As reported, the Belgian food safety authority in a statement has said that ‘following the findings, the factory owned by Italian confectionery giant Ferrero, was ordered to shut’. Also, the factory was ordered to initiate a recall of the ‘Kinder’ brand.

Several countries of Europe, New Zealand and the United States of America have reported cases of contamination with salmonella, last week.