Tata Coffee Limited (TCL), recently won a recognition at the Sixth Ernesto Illy International Coffee Awards 2021. Jumboor Estate is one of the key estates, renowned for producing the Jumboor Gold- An exquisite quality yellow bourbon Arabica variety.

The estate received two awards: ‘India’s Best Coffee’ and ‘Best of the Best’ for the overall best coffee in the world which was decided by an esteemed panel.

Launched in 2016, The Ernesto Illy International Coffee Award, is an award granted to the producer of the best sustainable coffee, picked amongst the highest quality coffee producers from leading coffee-growing countries.

The event was held on a virtual platform and had an independent panel of international culinary and coffee experts. Jumboor Estate was conferred the Illy International Coffee Awards award after careful evaluation of its sustainability initiatives, care for nature, and responsibly produced coffee. The current edition of the award saw 27 finalists – three each from nine countries – Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, India, and Nicaragua.

The international panel – which comprised three-star Michelin chefs Kyle Connaughton, Viki Geunes and Niko Romito; journalists Josè Carlos Capel, Clark Parkin and Michela Proietti; and coffee experts like Sunalini Menon, Birhanu GebisWuli and Henry Alirio Martínez Salinas, voted the finalists.

Chacko Thomas, managing director and CEO, Tata Coffee, said, “Tata Coffee is extremely proud to receive this award, as it is the first time India has won the prestigious Ernesto Illy International Coffee Award. This is a testimony to the sustainability initiatives that we have undertaken across all the estates to produce exceptional quality coffee. In line with our core values, we will continue to work with our businesses and our partners to create the finest coffees while nurturing the ecosystems around us.”