With its dedicated passion to bring home new and trending international flavour in exciting ways, Smith & Jones, a brand by Capital Foods, has launched the all new Peri Peri Masala Mix.

The most unique and innovative taste enhancer in the market that beats all other condiments for snacking. Specialised in condiments and cooking pastes, the company marks the newly launched product as another long-needed innovation in food processing. An exotic, spicy, and tangy blend of flavours, it comes in sprinkler powder form, making it easy and convenient for everyday usage. Just Sprinkle it over pizzas, pasta, fries and salads or use it as a masala ingredient in BBQs and veg dishes to bring out extra zest of flavour and taste.

Trending with current times, it is designed to suit all kinds of taste palates, including children. It stands out as the new-age condiment with it’s superior taste and easy usage. Your favourite international flavour of spice mix is now available at your nearest grocery shop at a very affordable price.

Adding to the list, the company has introduced two other exciting variants of Masala Mixes in sprinkler form for the first time in Indian market. As Italian dishes are now common in Indian kitchen, the company has launched Italian Spices Masala Mix to fulfil the need of a handy burst of Italian flavour. Sprinkle it over pizzas, pasta, soups, and salads for a rich Italian taste. Another first-of-it’s kind sprinkler is the Garlic & Herbs Masala mix that is ready to meet another trending demand.

Now you can enjoy your favourite garlic bread in an even more flavoursome way. You can also sprinkle it over cheese garlic bread, chilli cheese toast, stir-fried vegetables, paneer, and fried chicken. Hygienically manufactured, these Masala Mixes are perfect blend of spices which makes them deliciously fragrant sprinklers. They have the magic to transform any regular snack/dish into a flavourful mouthwatering experience