Simpli Namdhari’s, the leading 100% vegetarian omnichannel retailer, made history in the city by organising ‘The Big Biryani Festival’ at its Banjara Hills store. This unique initiative marks the first-ever vegetarian biryani festival by a food retailer in Hyderabad, with a strong focus on giving back to the community.

To spread joy and make a positive impact, Simpli Namdhari’s cooked over 100 kg of veg biryani, prepared by their talented in-house chef, and distributed it to more than 500 children in local orphanages. The aim was to bring smiles to their faces and provide them with a delicious meal.

“We at Namdhari’s have always believed in giving back to the community we work with. We believe in inclusive growth and that includes the growth of the community we are involved in. The Great Biryani Festival by Simpli Namdhari’s and its outreach to orphanages in Hyderabad is an extension of our goal to engage local communities wherever we do business,” said Hema L, Head of Brand Marketing, Simpli Namdhari’s.

In addition to their philanthropic endeavours, Simpli Namdhari’s had delightful surprises for their customers. The first 100 customers who made purchases worth Rs 999 or more were treated to free biryani. Expressing gratitude to their loyal customers, Simpli Namdhari’s also sent packed boxes of biryani to their top 100 customers through 100 delivery boys, appreciating their continued support over the past three months at the Banjara Hills store.

“Our veg biryani is immensely popular among the residents of Hyderabad. It has become one of the highest-selling food items in our Simpli Namdhari’s experience store at Banjara Hills. The Great Biryani Panduga not only showcases our philanthropic intentions but also demonstrates our commitment to listening to our customers’ needs and providing them with exceptional experiences. Since our launch in Hyderabad earlier this year, we have built a strong base of loyal customers, and we wanted to show our appreciation to them while creating memorable shopping experiences for both new and potential customers,” Hema explained.

With a deep dedication to community outreach, Simpli Namdhari’s invites all Hyderabad residents to join in the celebration of ‘The Big Biryani Panduga’ and Choose Goodness.