Each of the new additions to Roberts’ range is vegan-friendly, high in fibre and low in fat. The brand also says that the loaves are wrapped in sustainably sourced paper packaging that is easily recyclable at home. Available exclusively at Tesco, Roberts’ Energy Balance Good for You Bloomer is made with oatmeal and a mixture of quinoa, watermelon and chia seeds. The brand says that it also contains magnesium to support a healthy metabolism. The True Vitality Good for You Bloomer reportedly features whole hemp seeds, brown rice flour, malted wheat flakes and zinc ‘for a healthy immune system’. It is also available exclusively at Tesco. Roberts’ Vit Hit 50% Wholemeal, 50% White loaf is said to contain seven vitamins and minerals and is made using both white and wholemeal flour. It is available from supermarkets and convenience stores across the UK. The company has also introduced an Ultimate Fibre Wholemeal loaf – replacing Roberts’ original wholemeal – with 8.7g of fibre per 100g. Alison Ordonez, innovation director at Roberts bakery, said: “We know that shoppers are increasingly interested in the nutritional and functional health benefits in bread and it’s never been more important as we think again about the importance of diet in protecting ourselves and our families, and strengthening our natural defences against infection and disease. “Made using seeds, minerals, fibres, proteins and wholegrains, our new range makes use of so many ingredients that support better health and wellbeing. By making simple delicious swaps, everyone can easily add more variety and more of the right things to their daily diets.”