The scorching summer sun always takes a big sip from your energy levels and drains you out. Need energy? Scream Rage Coffee! The Delhi-based caffeine innovation FMCG company has launched three new ready-to-drink flavors that are perfect for everyday use, giving you a chilled and energetic start to your day. The three cold coffee flavors you can get include – mocha frappe, salted caramel, and hazelnut latte. Rage Coffee’s new ready-to-drink cold coffee has a perfect velvety, thick and creamy texture that’s smooth on your palette and is well-complemented by the three delicious flavors; these will be available on Rage Coffee’s online store and partner platform.

The mocha frappe provides a perfect chocolate experience. Enjoy the velvety, thick, and creamy coffee with the yummiest flavors of decadent cocoa and the finest dark chocolate. The salted caramel melds the toothsome, saccharinely smooth and nutty flavor of caramel, with a slight pinch of salt to create an impeccable taste of frothy coffee and give you the ultimate caffeine experience. The hazelnut latte has an edge to it as it unifies the unique flavor of nutty, slightly sweet, and richly fragrant notes that are integrated in its composition, creating a caffeine carnival within the body with a soul-soothingly delectable sip.

The cans will be priced at an affordable price point of Rs 140 for 240 ml. The ready-to-drink cold coffee provides unrivaled convenience as one just needs to open, sip, and enjoy! It is best served chilled and is made from pure milk and saturated with high-quality Rage coffee.

Commenting about the launch of the three new flavors, Mr. Bharat Sethi, Founder and CEO of Rage Coffee said, “Rage Coffee has always stuck to our maverick mindset where innovation of caffeine products has been our central stance. As our everyday lives become more hectic, we thought of bringing your daily dose of caffeine in a ready-to-drink avatar. To ensure your caffeine cravings never go unattended, the three delectable Rage ready-to-drink cold coffees will be available across all channels by the end of April. I hope that everyone at work can now get a refreshing recharge with Rage’s ready-to-drink coffee.”

Being a caffeine innovation brand that has always been ahead of the conventional curve, Rage Coffee has always been working towards curation of product range which supersedes the segment in superiority and originality. Rage is constantly innovating, whether it be the caffeine based snacking range or collaborating with brands to introduce coffee infused products and work towards Menu engineering; Rage Coffee is a true made in and made for India brand where customers can enjoy their coffee with flavors infused in it. These Ready-to-drink cans will be launched on Blinkit exclusively for 30 days and will be available on all other channels by April, 2023.

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