Conscious Food, a pioneer of organic food products in India, is expanding its immunity and wellness foods category with the launch of its new raw unprocessed Himalayan multiflora honey, a completely unfiltered and unpasteurised product that retains the immense natural benefits of honey as it travels from ‘bee to the bottle’.

The Certified Organic Himalayan Multiflora Honey is sourced from the Apis cerana bee species from the Shivalik hills of Uttarakhand that are known as the haven of floral biodiversity.

The raw and unprocessed honey from Conscious Food comes from the Himalayan plains which are not only a rich source of floral biodiversity but also cultivated without the use of chemicals. Even the use of Genetically Modified Organisms are prohibited, allowing the flowers that grow, the nectar that is collected and the honey that is produced to be wholly organic, as also certified by the Uttaranchal Organic Certification Agency.

Raw honey is not only free of any harmful chemicals, pollutants or residues, it is also free of any adulteration in the form of sugar or other preservatives. Raw honey is packed with immunity boosting phytonutrients and is antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal in nature.

Notably, pasteurized honey can increase its own glycaemic index which in turn can have adverse effects on diabetics. Also, heating honey also results in a loss of its essential enzymes and nutrients. Worse still, Ayurveda suggests that when cooked the molecules of honey produce toxins which may contribute to health problems such as congestion, obesity, indigestion, respiratory diseases and blood glucose imbalances. So, if you want your liquid gold to offer the health and immunity boosting benefits of real honey, beware of the processed and adulterated versions, and go for wholly organic and unprocessed honey!