The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has issued a notice defining the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for reactivation of rejected applications and change in user profile including new login credentials, email ids and mobile numbers. According to FSSAI, cases of rejection or cancellation of application or licence or registration include application rejected automatically by system due to non-furnishing of information by FBO within the stipulated time of 30 days, application rejected by the designated officer in case of non-receipt of requisite documents after repetitive queries, application rejected by FBOs inadvertently while processing the application and due to technical glitch during the processing of application by DO or FBO. For Central licence, the FSSAI says that FBOs need to apply to the concerned regional office of the FSSAI for reactivation of the licence application within six months from the date of rejection of the application. “The regional director shall examine the request-based on merit and forward the request with his/her remarks to FSSAI HQ within 30 days of receipt of such request by FBO. The Regulatory Compliance Division of the FSSAI will examine the request and after the decision taken by RCD on approval, IT division will be informed to reactivate the application,” reads the SOP while adding that in urgent cases FBOs can directly approach the FSSAI HQ. In case of the state licences, the Commissioner of Food Safety of the state and in case of registration the designated officer shall examine the request for reactivating the application and the timeline here is also six months. And send the request to the FSSAI HQ within 30 days and after examination of the request, the decision will be taken to reactivate the application. For change in user profile including login credentials, mobile number, email and so on, the FBOs need to make a representation before the Joint Director, RCD, FSSAI HQ, duly signed by the authorised person along with photo identity card and copy of existing licence. “The request shall be considered by RCD and send to the IT division for verification of the credential of the firm and update the user ID profile and communicate to applicant under intimation to RCD,” reads the SOP.