Hyderabad-based Government nutrition research institute, National Institute of Nutrition (NIN), will soon launch new dietary guidelines for everyone in the country.

With this launch, the institute will enable everyone to reap the benefits of being able to correctly decipher the nutritional value of food. This includes the nutritional value of all packaged foods.

The institute’s research team has recently submitted a draft to R Hemalatha, Director, National Institute of Nutrition. The results of which will be declared shortly. The draft will also be made available to stakeholders for consultation within a few months.

The research team at the institute has tested over 500 food samples against approximately 100 nutrition parameters.

The new dietary guidelines are formed on the basis of average nutritional requirements of individuals, based on their age and physiology.

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), Health Ministry, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), and National Institute of Nutrition (NIN), will promote the new guidelines in a big way through their social media platforms.

The idea behind it, is to help every individual get properly acquainted with correct understanding of the nutritional value of food, especially labelling and other important content on packaged foods.