Making an entry into the new category of ice cream – chocolates, Mother Dairy, a leading dairy player in India, introduced brand ‘Rocket’, with two exciting flavours of French vanilla and Belgian chocolate. The company, with this launch, has also created a brand mascot named Neila, that is synonymous to the company house colour Blue! ‘Simply out of the world’, is how we this product can be defined, just as the mascot is out of the world. Sanjay Sharma, business head, dairy products, Mother Dairy, said, “Consumers prefer something new and unique, especially when we talk about a segment like Ice cream. Classic flavours, new varieties, and something fulfilling for the taste-buds is how the segment is perceived to be. For these simple joys of our consumers, we thought of launching an exciting category of ice cream – chocolates which are extra tasty, extra chocolatey, and extra terrestrial, offering a rich mouthfeel and a delectable taste this season. The product will be available at an affordable price of Rs 20.” Innovation and consumer-centricity has always been the priority for the brand, and the launch of the product is no different. Specially curated for the young and eventful audience- the teens and pre-teens, the product breaks the convention and provides a new, fun, exciting and engaging experience. “Given the name, the unique flavour/format and the profile of the TG we felt the need to employ a creative device that will engage and excite the imagination of our young target audience. Thus came the idea of creating a brand mascot for our new ice cream brand Rocket, who will fit well in the creative universe designed for this brand. This led to the creation of an awkwardly cute and adorable galactic alien-Neila,” added Sharma. With the onset of summers and entry into the phases of unlock, it was according to the company the right time to introduce some exciting products and flavours that will entice the consumers. The product is the penultimate launch of this season wherein a delectable range of some new offerings were launched which included sugar-free diet chocolate cup and ekdum santra in the single serve pack sizes and Afghan nutty delight and firdaus-e-phirni in take-home variants. The brand also plans to launch a new flavour of Chocolate Truffle Ice cream cake this season.