Kraft Heinz Canada has introduced a ‘rich and chocolatey’ Hazelnut Spread, made without palm oil. The latest product to be launched under the company’s Kraft Peanut Butter brand contains roasted hazelnuts and is said to be low in saturated fat. The hazelnut-based spread joins a range of peanut butter variants as part of the Canadian brand’s range, including: All Natural, Extra Roasted, Unsweetened Unsalted and Smooth Light. “We’re excited to expand into the broader nut-based spread category with Kraft Hazelnut Spread,” said Daniel Gotlib, associate director, brand building and innovation at Kraft Heinz Canada. “Kraft and our iconic bears are synonymous with peanuts, but through our research, consumers have told us that the brand can naturally expand into other alternative nut butters. “We are excited to bring to the category a unique spread with no palm oil and that is low in saturated fat.” Kraft Hazelnut Spread is available nationwide in Canada from major grocery stores.