JBT Corporation has introduced ReadyGo Liquifusion Tanks, which combine a range of food and beverage processing operations in a single system. Available in six standard volumes, the new solution can reportedly be customised to handle a broad range of products, such as flours, condiments, juices, purees and cheese. ReadyGo Liquifusion Tanks bring together blending, dispersion, emulsification, heating and cooling functions and are aimed at manufacturers looking to simplify their processing operations. “When a process professional starts to consider purchasing new equipment, a whole array of questions and issues come to mind,” said Dan Wolff, technical sales manager for sales, engineering and estimating at JBT’s A&B Process Systems. “What if I need to perform multiple operations? How will I protect my product from contamination? How can I fit this equipment into the space I have?” Commenting on the launch of JBT’s combined processing system, Wolff continued: “It is a solution which delivers a lower capital cost, reduced material handling and product transfer, and a smaller system footprint.” According to JBT, ReadyGo Liquifusion Tanks are customisable to suit manufacturers processing needs. The system features four separate agitator options which can be combined to create ‘ideal mixing for almost any application’. In addition, a range of optional instrumentation can be included to increase automation, or an ASME dimple jacket for heating and cooling purposes.