ITC Sunfeast Bounce, the market leader in the crème biscuits have released two TVCs, to highlight the new avatar of their product portfolio, which is now infused with glucose. The campaign endeavours to draw consumers’ attention towards the presence of glucose in the crème biscuits that was not available in the category so far.

The glucose powered offering is a first-of-its-kind innovation in India, that will now allow consumers to have glucose through its different variants including Orange, Chocolate, Pineapple and Elaichi.

The TVCs showcase a mother as the protagonist who is aware about the presence of glucose in the crème biscuits and seeks response to her question, ‘Kya aapke crème biscuit mein glucose hai?’ At events where one could least expect this query to come. The unexpected query, in turn draws everyone’s attention towards finding out whether their crème biscuits- have glucose in it or not. The TVCs concludes with the protagonist mother’s child enjoying the delightful experience at offer with glucose infused biscuit.

Commenting on the new campaign, Ali Harris Shere, chief operating officer, biscuits and cakes cluster, foods division, ITC Limited, said, “Glucose and crème biscuits are two of the largest segments in the biscuits category, of which the glucose segment has been long deprived of any innovation. Furthermore, recent consumer immersions showcased how mothers are looking forward to products that comes with added goodness. With the addition of glucose to the portfolio, it allows us to deliver consumers’ an interesting choice which offers a combination of crème and glucose in one biscuit.”

“Sunfeast Bounce is known for delighting its core TG, children with delightful range of crème biscuits. Encouraging consumer response has enabled the brand to become the market leader in the crème biscuits category. With this campaign we look forward to empower consumers by providing something more meaningful, especially to the mothers,” added Shere.