The installation of an Ishida IX-GN-4043 x-ray inspection system at Polish natural dried products manufacturer PAULA Ingredients has further enhanced product safety and quality while delivering the high production throughput required. The success of the installation means that the company is already considering the purchase of a second x-ray machine.

Based in Kalisz in Central Poland, PAULA Ingredients specialises in the production of a variety of snacks made from dried fruits and vegetables and aimed at health-conscious consumers. For this sophisticated and demanding target audience, the highest quality standards are essential.

Previously the company used a combination of metal detectors, magnets and sifting equipment to check for foreign bodies in the delicate bulk product which comes in a wide variety of shapes including cubes, slices and flakes. However, this process still allowed occasional unwanted foreign bodies to pass undetected.

By comparison, since the installation of the Ishida IX-GN-4043, PAULA Ingredients has experienced a significant improvement in foreign body detection, with the quality control team reporting the detection of impurities including metal, glass and dense plastic.

The IX-GN is in operation 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, handling around 300kg of product per hour to deliver 36 tons of health snacks per week.

Another advantage of the IX-GN-4043 is its simple and intuitive operation. Product changeovers can be carried out in a matter of seconds simply by changing the product pre-sets. Whilst operation of the machine is easy, Ishida also provided full initial training for operators and engineers to ensure its ongoing performance.

“Our intensive use of the Ishida x-ray machine has not affected its functionality or reliability,” comments PAULA Ingredients’ Technical Director Stanisław Jaśkiewicz. “As part of this, the easy maintenance of the machine enables us to quickly clean the conveyor. Some of our products contain natural sugars and can be sticky. This occasionally caused problems with other inspection solutions, but with the Ishida Xray system we have overcome this issue.”

The Ishida IX-GN-4043 was supplied and installed by Ishida’s long-term partner in Poland, Fenix Systems, who carried out a thorough review of PAULA Ingredients’ requirements to ensure the most appropriate solution and best positioning of the machine in the factory.

“Having now operated the machine for almost a year, Ishida has become our brand of choice for the future,” confirms Stanisław Jaśkiewicz.