iDFresh Food launched World Vada Day to celebrate the goodness of India’s most-loved ‘happy food’, the response to the campaign was phenomenal. Last year, on August 8, the company which is India’s largest fresh food brand introduced the campaign. Vadasura, the forever-hungry-for-vada monster, found an instant fan following on social media, with netizens enjoying the interactive digital and social promotions. This year, Vadasura is back to spread some cheer in the world coping with the onslaught of the Corona virus. Commenting on the initiative, Rahul Gandhi, chief marketing officer, iD Fresh Food, said, “Over the last few months, our lives have been upended. We are learning to deal with the crisis and make our peace with the ‘new normal’. The challenges continue, yet we need to find joy in the here and now. With World Vada Day, iD hopes to help people rediscover the joys of cooking the good ol’ vada at home. It’s often the small things that make a huge difference! As Vadasura would say, ‘a vada may not make life perfect, but it definitely makes it better’.” The Bengaluru-based brand plans to launch a Vadasura comic series, wherein the monster will be seen dealing with the myriad challenges and opportunities of living in the pandemic world. Right from doing all the household chores and wearing the mask and maintaining social distancing while outside the house to learning to use technology to work remotely and keeping in touch with friends and family, Vadasura’s adventures are filled with love, laughter and hope, according to the company. The company chose August 8 as the perfect day to celebrate our love for vada as the date 8/8 resembles two medu vadas stacked on top of each other. Medu vada in all of its variations is one of the most popular snacks in India made from ground urad dal or black gram, chillies, ginger and other condiments. While they can be enjoyed all through the year, the monsoons are known to increase the craving. At least 9/10 people claim to love medu vada as a breakfast treat, evening appetiser, or just-like-that snack, yet only 3/10 people make it at home. Making vada at home is fast becoming a lost art as it is considered to be messy and time consuming. The 15-year-old company is known for its range of instant batter. It provides 65,000 kg of idli/dosa batter per day, with other products like parotas, vada batter, chapati and paneer, among others, to more than 30,000 retail outlets