Domino’s unveiled a strikingly vibrant new look, capturing the essence of being more than just a brand – it’s a companion for every joyful moment. This transformation is not just skin-deep; it’s the embodiment of an old friend, reimagined in an exciting new avatar.

Introducing its dynamic brand campaign, It Happens Only with Pizza’ (IHOP), Domino’s has strategically tapped into the pulse of India’s youth. Across the diverse mosaic of Indian cultures, young people universally find that amidst life’s every tension or celebration, if one gets to eat a good meal, the mood gets further elevated. And what if that meal happens to be a slice of delicious pizza? This insight has shaped Domino’s relaunch – a fresh, youthful, and vivacious persona that resonates with the trends and insights of today’s generation.

Sameer Khetarpal, MD & CEO, Jubilant FoodWorks Limited, said, “While Domino’s is a leader in pizza category, through ‘It Happens Only with Pizza’, we intend to target consumers’ mindshare to gain and grow share of pizza occasions. Out of 1000 meal occasions in a year, pizza is consumed only thrice. A 360-degree communication, including stores and delivery boxes, brings the experience in an integrated manner, allowing Domino’s to gain share of occasions in a $51 billion foodservice market, where pizza is just $1 billion.”