Danone North America has added to its children’s yogurt brand Danimals with a new low-fat yogurt that claims to support the immune system. Super Danimals features probiotics and vitamins C and D and will be available to purchase in three flavours: Cherry Vanilla, Blueberry and Strawberry. The new range will join Danimals line of nutritious dairy snacks such as smoothies, yogurt drinks and yogurt pouches. Danone created Super Danimals following a year of consumer research and product developed which revealed that parents prioritise products that can support children’s immune systems. The kid-friendly snack features billions of live and active probiotics in every cup. With no artificial preservatives and colours, each serving of Super Danimals contains 80 calories and 9g of sugar. “Based on our research, we know children’s health is always on parents’ minds, and families are exploring new ways to help support their children’s immune systems with the snacks they buy,” said Kristie Leigh, RD, senior manager of scientific affairs at Danone North America. She continued: “By regularly adding Super Danimals to a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, parents can feel good about helping support their children’s immune systems with a tasty snack their kids love.” Pedro Silveira, president of yogurt at Danone North America, added: “As the industry leader in children’s yogurt, we’re always innovating to meet the needs of parents and their families. We know probiotics better than anyone, putting us in the unique position to launch an immune system-supporting yogurt just for kids.”