It is the season of love and Cornitos Taco Shells and Tortilla Wraps are here to spread the love. With each passing day, there is an urge to do something special for your loved ones, but your busy lifestyle is creating a hurdle. Cornitos is your saviour with its Taco Shells and Tortilla Wraps. Load them up with veggies, dips, sauces, or any favourites that they like and it is ready to be served. Drive into flavour while spending time with your loved one in the comfort of your home.

Taco Shells

Cornitos Taco Shells offer a convenient way to enjoy delicious tacos at home, striking a perfect balance of crunch and flavour and they are quick and easy to prepare. Whether you’re a meat lover, a vegetarian, or have unique taste preferences, Cornitos Taco Shells cater to all. Cornitos Taco Shells are non-GMO, gluten-free, cholesterol-free, and made with corn oil, ensuring a healthier option without compromising on taste.

The Cornitos Taco Shells come in two kits – cocktail size and big size. Both kits contain 12 pieces of taco shells and a taco recipe on the back of the pack. The cocktail size is priced at Rs 120 and the big size is priced at Rs 170 and are available at

Tortilla Wraps

Add a healthy twist to the flavourful snacking for your loved one with Cornitos wheat Tortilla Wraps. Combine them with Salsa, exotic dips, or veggies and your healthy, tasteful, and flavourful wraps are ready. Give it an innovative twist by making recipes like Burritos, and quesadillas and even use it as a pizza base.

It is prices at Rs 190 and is available at

Thus, unlock a world of taste combined with love with Tacos Shells and Tortilla Wraps for you and your loved ones