Chr. Hansen has released a new culture for the creation of pizza cheeses, which it claims can reduce the degree of browning by up to 100%.

The new F-DVS Pure Appeal culture can be used to produce mozzarella type cheeses and regional variants such as provolone, kashkaval, oaxaca and more, with a tailored level of browning.

According to Chr. Hansen, this allows pizzamakers to achieve consistent appearance every time, helping to create an appearance which consumers associate with a desirable pizza experience.

Released worldwide, the F-DVS Pure Appeal culture also reportedly helps to protect the cheese from yeast and mould spoilage in the supply chain, ensuring product quality and safety.

Tony Salvador, commercial development manager, pasta filata, Chr. Hansen, said: “As foodservice pizza continues its aggressive growth, globally, we are focused on addressing customer needs with practical solutions.

“Pizzerias pride themselves on expedient service with intent to deliver pizza to their customers from point-of-sale to consumption as fast as possible. Having predictable cheese performance, and appearance, is critical and often times out of their control – especially “browning”.

“As the global demand for pizza continues to rise, the ability to control browning and quality becomes a key priority. Chr. Hansen continuously develops and diversifies the pizza market opportunities. Here our new product launch can really make a difference and help customers in the foodservice industry improve functionality and maintain efficiency, which is a key competitive parameter.”


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