Cambridge Commodities has released a new probiotic strain that it claims can withstand high temperatures, ensuring its use in bakery applications. ActiBio BS01 is a spore-forming, lactic acid-producing bacteria which aims to tap into the market for digestive health. The gut health bacteria is built off the company’s original bacillus coagulans strain, ActiBio BC01, but with the inclusion of bacillus subtilis which reportedly has potential to improve microbial health. Both remain bioavailable throughout their shelf life. According to Cambridge Commodities, the probiotic strain can be used in a wide range of formulations and food concepts due to its ability to withstand a wide range of temperatures and extreme acidic conditions. The company specifically highlights its ability to be incorporated commercially into baked foods such as cakes and muffins, as the temperatures do not inactivate spores. Bacillus subtilis is also said to be able to induce high levels of amylase and protease enzyme production in the intestine, aiding in digestion and the formation of gut diversifying biofilms. This ultimately supports the growth of beneficial bacteria in the microbiome. Product innovation specialist at Cambridge Commodities, Zeke Stevens, said: “With gut health and the microbiome at the forefront of consumer minds, ensuring safe and efficacious probiotic formulations has never been more important. “Our ActiBio range enables you to do just this and guarantees the desired activity levels right up until the end of shelf life.”   The ingredient is available in a powder form with a grey/white colour and provides 15 billion colony forming units per gram. In addition to its heat resistance properties, Cambridge Commodities says ActiBio BS01 has proven gastric stability and can be stored and transported without refrigeration.