Bryer, a subsidiary of the Pahwa Group, showcashed its wide range of machines at the show, Acrex India 2023, at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, recently.

The machines are based on moisture absorption technology, which involves removing moisture from the air to create a controlled environment that helps to maintain the quality and shelf-life of food products during both manufacturing and storage.

The company claims that this technology is critical for industries that deal with products that are sensitive to moisture, such as food and pharmaceuticals and its machines are designed to remove moisture from the air and control temperature, two crucial factors that play a vital role in maintaining the quality and shelf life of food products during manufacturing and storage.

It further claims that Bryer’s technology is specifically designed to provide a controlled atmosphere that ensures the optimal conditions for food products. While machines in the food, pharma, and other segments typically run on electricity or speed, Bryer’s technology can run on steam. However, steam is not readily available in the food industry, which leads to high electricity costs for customers.

“We are committed to providing our customers with innovative solutions that meet their unique needs. Our range of applications in the food industry is designed to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance comfort in workspaces. We are proud to be a leading provider of such solutions and look forward to continuing to innovate and provide value to our customers,” said Sushil Teotia, assistant vice president of the company, while speaking to FnB News.

He added that Bryer is focusing on making its machines more energy-efficient to help customers reduce their operational costs and become more competitive in the market. With energy being a significant expense in the industry, sustainable energy is becoming increasingly crucial for companies.