After defining the specialty coffee experience in India, Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters, India’s largest specialty coffee brand, launched its much-anticipated cold brew cans.

The range, which condenses traditional cold brew process, and its expertise into a delicious and accessible form, will be available in 6 unique flavours – Coffee Cherry, Tender Coconut, Passion Fruit, Classic Bold, Classic Light and the Single Origin from Ratnagiri Estate.

To ensure perfection every time you crack open a cold brew can, the company sources its Arabica beans from leading Indian farms and estates, which are roasted with precision by an expert team of roasters. The coffee is then steeped for a minimum of 18 hours to achieve the perfect brew with complex flavour notes and balanced bitterness and acidity. The cans will utilise the process of nitro-flushing to preserve the original flavours in the can for a much longer time.

Speaking on the launch, Matt Chitharanjan, co-founder and CEO, Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters, said, “At Blue Tokai, we are committed to making specialty coffee accessible and enjoyable for our consumers as we continue to highlight the hard work of our Indian coffee producers. We believe in constant evolution and growth while upholding our standards of quality and consistency – an attribute that is reflected even in our cold brew cans. Some of the flavours for these cans have been thoughtfully developed, pushing the boundaries of combinations that one imagines with coffee. Whether you’re on your way to shop for groceries, have just finished a workout or completing your everyday to-do list, Blue Tokai’s cold brew cans are a perfect companion for a healthy and convenient refreshment boost that we all need.”

Commenting on the new range, Shivam Shahi, co-founder and chief operating officer, Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters, said, “We are extremely elated to expand our product portfolio by introducing cold brew cans for our customers across the country. After launching our easy pour sachets and cold brew bags last year and marking our entry in the FMCG market, we have received an overwhelmingly positive response for these products. With the launch of cold brew cans, we are now expanding our presence in the ready-to-drink segment, making it an exciting proposition, especially as we continue to develop more products within this category.”